Beautiful Side of Journalism

Many people might think that journalism skill is a boring and unuseful skill. They also think that learning journalism is as difficult as doing an English exam. However, we get much information and news from journalism skill. We usually look up much information from books, articles, blogs, news programs and others. Basically, those media are tied with journalism. Without our consciousness, our life is tied with journalism world. It’s important for us to learn journalism skill such as reporting news, writing articles and blogs, and publishing our journalism work.  There are many advantages if we improve our journalism skill.

Basically, journalism covers some skills. First skill is reporting . We can collect much data for supporting our journalism work. Without reporting, we can’t get any information from the world. One of reporting ways is interviewing. Then the next skill, we must learn how to writing with using basic technique of journalism. As example, when we are in writing session, we need to give attention in 5W + 1H rule. Then the last skill is designing and publishing. Our work will be futile when our design is not life and interesting. We must learn how to design and publish our work well, so all people will be attracted.

Although journalism seems complicated as writer explained above, journalism is a beautiful world. There are some reasons which can explain why writer can say it. Journalism is a place to share our knowledge among each other. Even, we can share our journalism work through around the world with technologies in this globalisation period, such as blog and news online in internet. Besides that, journalism is a media where we can express our idea and experience of life. Even we can get more money with journalism, moreover for college students like us who need money for our college life. We can make money by pouring our ideas, writing articles then sending it to a journalism agency such as magazine and newspaper agency. Just imagine, we can make some money with some words and sentences.

Having understood about the skills and advantages of journalism, we will learn how to improve our journalism skill. Joining a journalism club can help us to improve it. We will trained by old members who are more talented than us regularly. We can also increase our relationship between journalism mates. Knowledge and experience sharing will be held easily. But, maybe if we have problem to find a journalism club, we can also practice journalism by ourself. First, we can buy basic journalism book for explaining the steps that we must follow. Then, we must study from magazines, newspapers, news programs, articles and others frequently. By studying many examples of journalism works, we will understand how to write, report, design, and publish journalism work better than we don’t study from the real eaxamples. And the important thing that we must do is never giving up and exercising continuosly.

In conclusion, journalism is a beautiful world because we can get many advantages in it if we are willing to improve journalism skill. But, learning journalism skill isn’t as easy as turning the palm of our hand. The most important, we might not to give up easily when we are feeling our journalism work is failed. Just exercise journalism continuosly if we want our skill better. And after that make the world shine brightly with your words.

Journalism is the ability to meet the challenge of filling space.

– Rebecca West –